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What is MarXoff?
MarXoff, Inc. was founded in the spring of 2008. Most homeowners have tried climbing up and down ladders with different chemicals and brushes trying to scrub off the dark stains from the exterior surfaces of gutters. Research showed that what is thought to be a stain is actually a chemical bond between sugar pollens, roofing materials and nature’s elements, commonly called "Tiger Stripes" or "Water Marks". MarXoff was first invented after searching hardware stores and the internet for a tool that could easily remove the stains without the use of a ladder or pressure washer, in most cases, only to find nothing available. MarXoff (patent pending) fits the exterior contours of a gutter surface.  MarXoff is a gutter cleaning applicator.


  • MarXoff is NOT a brush
  • Requires only a small amount of pressure for great results
  • Applicator pad resists wear and tear allowing you to finish the job without having to replace the pad
  • MarXoff will turn an all day job into only minutes
  • MarXoff is the FIRST gutter cleaning applicator designed to use with Gutter Zap gutter cleaner to melt away the chemical bond.
  • MarXoff is the ONLY gutter cleaning applicator on the market.

MarXoff virtually eliminates the need to use a ladder.

"According to the National Safety Council, falls at home are the #1 cause of over 65,000 accidental deaths and almost 2,000,000 hospital related injuries reported each year in the United States"



Instructions for Use

  • Instructions for attaching pad to applicator are included in package.
  • Screw applicator onto any standard painter's pole.
  • Dip applicator into bucket of diluted Gutter Zap gutter cleaner  per label instructions.
  • Allow excess Gutter Zap a moment to drain off into the bucket.
  • Make slow, long sweeps approximately 10 feet at a time, applying Gutter Zap.
  • Rinse well as you go along not allowing product to dry on surface.
  • When finished, rinse applicator thoroughly and store in dry area.
  • With proper care, the applicator pad can provide several uses.
  • Give us a call to order replacement pads as needed.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can the MarXoff head be turned in a different direction?

The MarXoff head was designed to fit the exterior surface of the gutter meaning when you hold the head up to the gutter, it should fit the contours of the gutter surface.

How long will it take before my gutter surface comes clean?

This all depends on how long it has been since the gutters have been cleaned. However, an 8-10 ft. section will come clean after a few swipes. For stripes that have been baked into the gutter, several applications with agitation may be needed.

How long should I leave Gutter Zap gutter cleaner on the gutter surface?

Typically Gutter Zap does not need dwell time on the surface. Using the MarXoff and applying in 10 ft sections while rinsing as you go along will provide the best results. DO NOT allow Gutter Zap to dry on the surface. Be sure to follow the label instructions completely.

Will Gutter Zap harm painted surfaces?

Not when label instructions are followed correctly. Please note that some paint on gutters and other surfaces may become oxidised just as a car that sits in the sun has paint that fades from oxidation. Even a rag with water applied to these surfaces would remove paint. It is always recommended, as with all chemicals, to apply in a test spot before widespread application.

Will any paint pole work?

Yes and they can be found at your local hardware store for $10.00 and up.

Will Gutter Zap harm my bushes or plants?

Not typically, however it is a good idea to wet them prior to cleaning and rinse them afterwards.

How much Gutter Zap do I need?

A gallon of ready to use product will typically clean 300 linear ft of gutter.

MarXoff Applicator Tool & 1 Applicator Pad

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